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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Entries are In

My get published contest ended yesterday, and I did not get that many submissions.  Thankfully two of them are really good, so I will be reading and rereading them to choose a winner.  Or maybe I will just publish both, I am not sure yet.
I am less optimistic about my chances of making it big with this business now.  I looked at the stats for my website and even though I posted the contest several places and drummed up interest on several websites, I only got 60 even to visit the site, let alone submit a story.  When I am asking people to actually spend money on buying a book, I am sure it will be even harder.  I am starting to realize that even for modest returns I will still have to work a lot.  I guess I knew that going in, it is just hard to lose the dream of big bucks.

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