This is my blog about creating an eBook publishing company to rival the big ones. I hope to prove that eBooks can be produced cheaply and I can impersonate professional companies good enough to turn a profit.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A professional Website

I have offically published my first work, a short little Sci-Fi story.  It was fun, but more of an experiment in the publishing process than anything.  If you want to check it out on Amazon, here you go.  I hope to do a better job and make a slicker cover next time.

I wonder if this blog will ever hurt my chances of success later down the line. I can see the headlines now, "Tricorp Publishing's dirty little secret, he does not know what he is doing!" I guess I can cross that bridge if and when I ever get successful. Maybe I can just take this blog down after I get my first million. Or maybe after my first Billion, after all I do not want to disappoint my many adoring fans.

All kidding aside I am still wondering what it takes to look professional. So far I have created a website (I will update on that tomorrow) but I am still working on making it look slick. What is it that we expect when we buy a product from a big name professional company? How do you distill that special something that makes a customer want to pull out their wallet? I have looked at some of the competition and it looks good. A good example is but I would be happy to look something like As long as I don't look like this: I am happy.


  1. So is "Fred Jamison" a real author or your pseudo identity? $0.99 seems like a pretty cheap buy, but I can't tell how many "pages" the book it. If Amazon let's you show an exert from the book, it might be a way to "hook" readers into buying the eBook.

  2. Fred Jamison is a pseudonym I created to try out the publishing process. This story is really short, but for longer stories you can set it up so they can read an excerpt first for free before they buy. I just added that to my to-do list for when I publish a better one, thanks