This is my blog about creating an eBook publishing company to rival the big ones. I hope to prove that eBooks can be produced cheaply and I can impersonate professional companies good enough to turn a profit.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

What I am doing here

Hi there this is Adam, I am a regular Joe, but I am going to pretend to be a bigshot publisher. In the next few months I am going to create my own publishing company and test the theory that I can do everything the big publishing companies can do and create a bestselling book. I am realistic about my budget though and so I will just be publishing eBooks. Since my wife got me a Kindle that is all I have been reading anyway.
This means that I plan on creating an eBook publishing company from scratch and taking someone's manuscript and turning it into a bestselling eBook on Amazon's Kindle.
Do I think I can do it? I hope so, the extra money would be nice. But that is not the reason I am doing this. I am doing this because many big publishers are charging 15 dollars for an eBook. There should be a big difference between the price of a paperback and an eBook but in many cases they are the same price. If it costs substantially less to create something, then it should cost much less to buy it. The big six publishers claim that the inflated price for an eBook is justified because they still have to edit and market the book and that cost is the big reason that they charge so much for the book. Hogwash!
I am going to do all the editing and marketing myself to see if I can prove them wrong. Here are my criteria for success: In eight months if I can get a book on Amazon Kindle's top ten eBooks and earn at least two grand doing it, I will consider myself a huge success. My budget: 50 bucks, a true shoestring budget, but of course I won't be paying myself.
Can I do it? Lets find out.

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  1. Interesting business model. Keep track of your hours to see what it "costs" you to do this. Wishing you much success...