This is my blog about creating an eBook publishing company to rival the big ones. I hope to prove that eBooks can be produced cheaply and I can impersonate professional companies good enough to turn a profit.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

It starts...

So far my company has been relatively invisible, only people reading this blog have known it even existed.  But that changed when I posted that contest on Friday.  Since is ranked high on Google, as soon as I posted that contest my publishing company was visible.  Not my website yet, that still won't show up on searches, but my contest shows up.  I got a lot of interest but not many story submissions yet.  I realized that putting the contest's due date on March 15th was going to drive me nuts.  I cannot do much without an author so I would have to wait until after that to get going on the business.
So I created a separate contest on my website withe a due date of this Friday the 26th.  Then I hopped onto a writing site and mentioned I was looking for authors.  I got a lot of responses and some really in depth questions.  I considered acting all professional and what not, but I was totally honest with them about me just starting up.  I even got a through proofreading out of them for my website, :-).  Here is the link to the forum, I might add a FAQ page to my website with all their questions. Since then I have had over 30 hits to my website and an actual submission for my contest.  Hooray!  A slow start to be sure, but much better than anything I have had before.

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